Amber Green
Best Home Loan Companies

I enjoy being able to give my wholehearted honest input and opinion for products and services. I’ve always had a passion for researching and learning new things in all sorts of different categories and fields. I love being able to help and save the consumer time by narrowing down their search.

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Best Home Loan Companies

Expert Opinion


3.6Reader Score
LendingTree connects you with lenders from its network so that you can compare and choose the best loan rates, fees and terms that fit your specific financial situation.


4.0Reader Score
CitiMortgage offers a variety of loans, including interest-only and construction loans at certain branches. Its interest rates and fees are generally below average. However, it's better to call a specific branch than apply through the website.
Featured Company!

Quicken Loans

3.2Reader Score
Quicken Loans offers flexible programs with loans ranging from eight to thirty years. Due to its ability to work with high debt-to-income ratios, Quicken Loans makes for an exceptional option for homeowners.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

3.8Reader Score
Wells Fargo's interest rates were the highest of the top mortgage lenders we reviewed, but it offers excellent customer service. It's also one of the few banks to offer construction loans, making it a bank worth considering if you are building a home.

Network Capital

4.0Reader Score
Network Capital offers home loans with no fees and quick approval times. Its posted interest rates are some of the lowest we saw, but it sells your loan after closing, meaning you'll have to work with another bank and its rules.


1.6Reader Score
Ditech works well to find customers an ideal home loan program at a great rate, however the agents are not local---they’re online---and they don’t offer home equity loans.

U.S. Bank

3.9Reader Score
U.S. Bank offers mortgages and construction loans, often at lower-than average-interest rates. Its bank fees are a little high, but it has good customer service, making it a bank worth considering, especially if you are building your home.

Bank of America Mortgage

2.4Reader Score
Bank of America offers a wide range of loan options, knowledgeable and helpful loan officers, and useful online resources, making it a good choice to consider when pricing home mortgages.

Nationstar Mortgage

2.4Reader Score
Although Nationstar Mortgage can provide USDA loans and $2 million in other loans, the quoted interest rate was much higher than other lenders and not being able to reach a loan agent made for a very negative experience.

Prospect Mortgage

3.7Reader Score
Prospect Mortgage offers mortgages and refinancing with local, reliable agents across the nation. While it does offer a wide variety of programs for homeowners, it was also the priciest compared to other companies.